Digital Corporate Authority, an alliance between Esports Bureau and Blueteamwib

Digital Corporate Authority is coming soon, an alliance between Esports Bureau and Blueteamwib

During the second eSportainment Hub stream, Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias and Herman Rojas announced details of the new project.

The consumer goes faster than the business world. Business goes faster than marketing. Marketing goes faster than advertising.

We are witnessing an era where innovation left the laboratory to become a critical factor of competition, and everything points to the same direction: leading the New Digital.

With this motivation Digital Corporate Authority was born, a joint project of Esports Bureau and Blueteamwib where the most recognized specialists from Europe and America will bring us real solutions, tangible and simple that will facilitate mastering the universe of Web 3.

Founder of BlueteamWib, said that DCA will seek “obtain results on strategies, concepts and technologies of the new digital such as blockchain integration, eSports, metaverse and the conversion possibilities offered by these spaces, breaking that gap that exists today in the world of marketing and advertising with these new technologies”.

For his part, Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias, CEO & Founder of Esports Bureau, assured that “it is a groundbreaking challenge that will help professionals, brands and companies in these new steps that often surpass us because you get lost for a week and you are already overwhelmed by events”.

During the second episode of eSportainment Hub, BlueteamWib’s exclusive cycle of interviews with industry professionals, both stressed that it is a “unique” project

For Latin America that will also operate for the Hispanic market in the United States” where the objective will be “to provide companies with first-level consulting, training and support.”

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