eSportainment Hub arrives, a user manual for the industry

eSportainment Hub arrives, a user manual for the industry

Next Thursday, February 24, the exclusive online cycle of Blueteamwib begins with Antonio Lacasa Blay as the first guest.

From the advance of the new digital and the beginning of a new era with the arrival of the Web3, we are witnesses of a cultural revolution that demands spaces for reflection and contribution to build the new emerging industries.

It is in this context that eSportainment Hub was born, a space dedicated to connecting audiences Hispanic-Americans with the leaders of the eSports and Digital Marketing industry, y contribuir a la renovación del entretenimiento digital. The program will be broadcast live through Blueteamwib’s YouTube and Facebook accounts.on Thursday, February 24 at 2:00 p.m. Colombia, 15 hs Argentina and 20 hs Spain.

In its debut, the cycle will have a special guest: Antonio Lacasa Blay, Director of the Global Esports Summit and Founder of Global Sporttainment, a true reference in the Esports sector with more than 35 years of career in Communication, Advertising and marketing.

The first episode of eSportainment Hub will feature the meeting of Lacasa Blay and Herman Rojas, Founder & CEO of Blueteamwib, The central theme will be the progress of eSports and the direction in which this industry is advancing.

Schedule the date and follow us on our social networks, We are waiting for you at the beginning of this space that promises its contribution to renew digital entertainment.

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