Herman Rojas, BlueteamWib Founder & CEO, brings us an overview of the most representative numbers that position eSports and NFTs as revolutionary products of a new society.

Esports are considered the phenomenon and best exponent of the New Digital. 

34% of the world’s population spends a very representative part of their time using commercial video games.

This industry, which today sells more than 300 billion dollars, more than music and movies combined, is considered a digital phenomenon that brings the most cohesive community that we have seen in the last 20 years.

Additionally, it has impressive audiences that exceed the most watched programs in the world such as the SuperBowl or the Oscar’s Academy Awards, with audiences of a total of 435 million people.

Added to eSports comes the great phenomenon of NFTs, which also enter the video game ecosystem as part of a support, a natural evolution.

NFTs are basically unique properties that cannot be repeated.

There is a very popular example today that we have all been hearing: Mike Winkelmann, an artist who developed a work called Everydays and it sold for 69 million dollars, something unusual for our current mindset.

Last year, NFTs were sold for almost 2 billion dollars and it is expected that within 4 years this industry will reach 10 billion dollars.

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