We define our team as a scouting group. Innovation and the creation of marketing solutions that have not yet reached our continent, defines our way of acting and seeing the world.

Latin America has a population of more than 259 million gamers

In the expenditure generated in gaming in the USA by Hispanics in recent years

USA is after Asi/Pacífic, the second market most important market globally

America Latina cuenta con una población de mas de 259 millones de gammers

Es el gasto generado en gaming en USA realizado por Hispanos en estos últimos años

USA es después de Asi/Pacífico, el segundo mercado más importante a nivel global


We attract audiences with technology based entertainment & eSports to generate conversion by collecting data. from our platform High Intelligence Data

Using technology to transform entertainment,
It is a challenge that we assume as part of our
corporate purpose.

Herman Rojas. CEO.


We have both experience and passion to make sure your investment, your brand and marketing plans meet your business goals.
We are true experts in this industry and we surround ourselves with new talents that foster the connection you seek to establish with the public. Our team comes from the entertainment industries, la creatividad, la publicidad y la estrategia. We are an elite consulting group that provides trust, innovation and work of the highest quality.

Our strength comes from diversity of experience that our senior staff has:



A benchmark in the eSports industry in Latin America, and one of the strategists that started this phenomenon in the United States. your experience in campaign development, in more than 24 industries, They make their work a guaranteed success. He is a family man who loves the simple things in life.


Noted for his great knowledge of the Digital Industry, in which he has been a key player since 1997. His great achievements in the digital space and an extraordinary curiosity, allow you to always exceed any expectation.


Authority in the Entertainment Industry, Gabriel is a machine for innovative ideas and a born leader. One of the strengths is its ability to turn projects into successful realities. In addition, he directed the largest entertainment companies in America and always goes beyond the goal set.


One of the most recognized and experienced executive producers in the entertainment industry in various countries, including Spain and Argentina. His perfectionism and creativity have earned him important recognition and admiration. Claudio is the creative mentor of eSports HQ.