We are marketing support

We accompany brands to renew their positioning processes, sales, abandonment management and engagement.

• We have a complete ecosystem of solutions high-tech that offer technology-based entertainment as an ideal tool for attracting and retaining audiences.

• The platform “High Intelligence Data” which allows identifying, segmenting and contacting profiles with a high probability of purchase, giving support to the investment of our clients.

• The Boosters or standard services are a support to the management of our clients. All Blueteamwib solutions are based on socialization tools and technology-based entertainment such as esports (electronic sports), streams, inter-social networking activities and virtual VIP rooms.

“The avatar completely transforms the understanding of the potential client: The relationship will be based on an understanding of your tastes, preferences, fingerprints, public messages and groups to which you belong. We will have to get used to the fact that ‘Avatar’ is an anonymous consumer whose age, sex and real name we will not know”.

Alvaro Psevoznik
Founder, eSportsHQ by BlueteamWIB.